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Benjamin Mold, a manufacturer of concrete metal molds and roof jacks with more than 10 years of experience in this field, is known as one of the largest manufacturers in Isfahan and Iran. Benjamin Mold Production Group, in addition to covering the needs of the domestic market, looking at overseas horizons, has started its exports with Iraq and Afghanistan and is developing its global markets.

Benjamin Mold Online Store is the first specialized metal mold store that covers all consumer needs. Direct purchase from Benjamin’s product, even in high volumes and shipping worldwide, is a unique feature of Benjamin’s online store.

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At Benjamin Mold Production Group, we strive to produce quality products using up-to-date equipment and deliver them to you, dear customer. Our 10 years of experience in this industry has shown us what a customer needs and what they care about. We assure you that with the products of Benjamin Production Group, all your needs will be met and you will become our regular customers.

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